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Planned engineering work will take place between Dyce and Huntly from 11:15, Friday 21 June 2019 to 23:59, Friday 09 August 2019.
Additional Information:
Due to major Track & Signalling works between Dyce and Huntly
Saturday 15 June to Friday 9 August
Buses replace trains between Dyce and Huntly calling at all intermediate stations.
Last Updated :21/06/2019 11:04
Planned engineering work will take place at Carlisle from 05:00, Monday 15 July 2019 to 23:59, Thursday 25 July 2019.
Additional Information:
Glasgow Central Dumfries
Buses replace trains between Kilmarnock and Dumfries
Note on Friday 26th July - 05:13 and 05:45 Dumfries to Glasgow, start from Kilmarnock. Busses will depart Dumfries at 04:01 & 04:31, calling all stations, arriving at Kilmarnock to connect into a train to Glasgow
Last Updated :08/03/2019 13:31
Planned engineering work will take place at Glasgow Queen Street from 05:00, Monday 08 July 2019 to 23:59, Friday 12 July 2019, from 05:00, Monday 15 July 2019 to 23:59, Friday 19 July 2019, and from 05:00, Monday 22 July 2019 to 23:59, Friday 26 July 2019.
Additional Information:
Glasgow Queen Street to Anniesland will be an hourly service and originate/terminate at Ashfield. No onward bus service.
Glasgow Queen Street to Falkirk Grahamston will originate/terminate at Springburn. Onward train connection to Queen St and Edinburgh.
Due to Platform restrictions at Glasgow Queen Street 09:42 Aberdeen to Glasgow Queen Street will terminate Stirling Plat 9. 12:08 Glasgow Queen St to Inverness will start at Stirling Platform 9. Passengers should allow extra time to connect in/out of local services. Wheelchair passengers should contact area re: access to and from Platform 9.
Due to lack of capacity at Queen St the following services will run 3 car vice 6
10:21 Glasgow Queen Street - Stirling
11:24 Stirling - Glasgow Queen Street
12:21 Glasgow Queen Street - Stirling
13:24 Stirling - Glasgow Queen Street
Last Updated :08/07/2019 00:01
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