This Privacy Policy refers to information that Nexus Alpha Limited obtains about you and the use we make of it in the course of our business. 

Nexus Alpha Limited and Nexus Alpha Low Power Systems comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 (as amended or updated from time to time) as a data controller or data processor (as relevant) in respect of personal data that we use in the provision of services and services to clients.

With the exception of visits web logs (which we use only for analysis and to guide development, and Cookies (please see our Cookie Policy), the only service that we provide that involves capturing personal records (most of which are needed to operate the service), is JourneyCheck Alerts.

JourneyCheck Alerts is an alerting service that we provide to our clients, who then provide the service to their customers (i.e. the travelling public and their season ticket holders).

This is an optional service and users visiting our client's web sites can register to receive email or in some cases, additionally SMS Alerts. This service is described in detail here.

In order to generate alerts, we store information about when the subscriber to the service is likely to travel. The system does not "know" of course if the user is actually travelling on the service, and in most cases a time range of travel is supplied. Any live disruption at the time of travel is then processed, and a personalised output generated.

Our client may also send "broadcast" messages to groups of users to warn them of forthcoming disruption, or to apologise for previous disruption. Thus, the heart of the system is fully automated, but manual intervention by our clients also takes place. Nexus Alpha to not send broadcast messages to clients registering for JourneyCheck Alerts unless instructed to do so by out clients.

JourneyCheck Alerts can also capture marketing questions proposed by our clients (this is a configuration option of the service). Mostly these questions are optional, but in some cases they may be a prerequisite for the provision of the service.

Nexus Alpha and Nexus Alpha Low Power Systems make no use of the contact details in the registration data or the marketing information themselves. This data is "owned" by our clients, - the transport operators as it is their service that you are registering to. Nexus Alpha merely licences them the software to facilitate this service, and holds user data on their behalf. There are questions during registration that determine whether or not those registering are prepared for the transport operator to make use of this marketing data. Our clients are bound by these conditions.

Records or those registering are kept indefinitely.

The other set of JourneyCheck Alerts data that is held is the actual messages sent out which contain details of the disruption that was occurring at the time the registered users asked to be informed.

These are retained in order to support and improve the service and in order to analyse the amount of service disruption that has occurred. This data is retained for as long as necessary for this purpose. 

Nexus Alpha Limited shares none of this information with any third parties apart from the client to whom the specific instance of the service is being provided (the transport operator) to whom the users signed up with.

All personal details recorded can be amended by the registered user on JourneyCheck Alerts by logging into the system. If the password has been forgotten, this can be requested by entering the email address associated with the account into the JourneyCheck service. If there are still any issues, please initially use the Contact details provided by the transport operator you have signed up with - they are the first point of contact. Alternately, you can always Contact our Support Department directly.

If there is any issue or potential dispute associated with the use of the systems, or you have any questions, please contact us using the email form found here.

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