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Live train information for journeys from All Stations to Carrbridge
1 Line Updates

Hundreds of trees line our railway and at this point of the year 94% of the leaves are now on the ground.

Due to the slippery layer on the tracks this means trains find it harder to move and need to accelerate and brake gently slowing down our trains, causing congestion in areas and disrupting your journey.

Our specialist controllers have been managing the leaf fall. These staff continue to analyse forecasts, mobilise our response teams and our special high pressured water cannon leaf busting trains to combat affected areas.

Click below to find out more on leaf fall and how we handle this;


Last Updated :17/11/2017 10:17
0 Catering Updates
There are currently no Catering Updates reported.
0 Train Formation Updates
There are currently no Train Formation Updates reported.
0 Train Cancellations
There are currently no Train Cancellations reported.
1 Other Train Service Update
10:36 Edinburgh to Inverness due 14:15 has been delayed at Edinburgh and is now 4 minutes late.
This is due to a fault on this train.
Last Updated :24/11/2017 10:40
Scheduled Expected Destination
10:36 10:40 Edinburgh
10:41 10:45 Haymarket
10:46 10:50 Edinburgh Gateway
10:57 11:01 Inverkeithing
11:13 11:17 Kirkcaldy
11:22 11:26 Markinch
11:29 11:33 Ladybank
11:55 11:59 Perth
12:24 12:28 Pitlochry
12:33 12:37 Blair Atholl
12:59 13:03 Dalwhinnie
13:09 13:13 Newtonmore
13:15 13:19 Kingussie
13:33 13:37 Aviemore
13:41 13:45 Carrbridge
14:15 14:19 Inverness

1 Improvement Works For Today

Improvement works.

Plan your journey with confidence and find out about any short term or long term engineering works and timetable alterations that could impact on your travel plans by visiting


Last Updated :29/06/2017 15:29
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At Carrbridge (operated by ScotRail) From All Stations
image spacer Scheduled Expected Origin Platform
13:24 On Time Inverness
 Scheduled Expected Station Platform
image spacer12:53 Dep. On Time Inverness 
image spacer13:24 Arr. On Time Carrbridge  2
image spacer13:33 Arr. On Time Aviemore 
image spacer13:45 Arr. On Time Kingussie 
image spacer13:49 Arr. On Time Newtonmore 
image spacer14:20 Arr. On Time Blair Atholl 
image spacer14:31 Arr. On Time Pitlochry 
image spacer14:44 Arr. On Time Dunkeld & Birnam 
image spacer15:03 Arr. On Time Perth 
image spacer15:31 Arr. On Time Markinch 
image spacer15:40 Arr. On Time Kirkcaldy 
image spacer15:56 Arr. On Time Inverkeithing 
image spacer16:08 Arr. On Time Edinburgh Gateway 
image spacer16:20 Arr. On Time Haymarket 
image spacer16:25 Arr. On Time Edinburgh 
13:41 On Time Edinburgh
  This train has been delayed by a fault on this train
 Scheduled Expected/ 
Station Platform
image spacer10:36 Dep. 10:40 Edinburgh 
image spacer10:41 Dep. 10:44 Haymarket 
image spacer10:46 Dep. 10:50 Edinburgh Gateway 
image spacer10:57 Dep. 11:00 Inverkeithing 
image spacer11:13 Dep. 11:16 Kirkcaldy 
image spacer11:22 Dep. 11:24 Markinch 
image spacer11:29 Dep. 11:31 Ladybank 
image spacer11:55 Dep. On Time Perth 
image spacer12:24 Dep. On Time Pitlochry 
image spacer12:33 Dep. 12:35 Blair Atholl 
image spacer12:59 Arr. On Time Dalwhinnie 
image spacer13:09 Arr. On Time Newtonmore 
image spacer13:15 Arr. On Time Kingussie 
image spacer13:33 Arr. On Time Aviemore 
image spacer13:41 Arr. On Time Carrbridge  2
image spacer14:15 Arr. On Time Inverness 
image spacer
image spacer
Live departure boards for these stations are provided by National Rail Enquiries. This Information is offered "as is" and the Association of Train Operating Companies, National Rail Enquiries Service and Thales Information Systems give no warranty and accept no liability for the accuracy of the information shown.
Last Updated On: 12:35:36 24-11-2017
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